Advertisement is a leading recruitment web site, listing jobs in Pakistan and other countries. Whether you are a recruiter, or direct employer, we offer a number of advertising solutions to expand your job to a wider audience. We can also assist you with your requirements by tailoring customized advertisement solutions for your recruitment needs.

Our advertising solutions are:

Sponsored Job Section: In order to attract larger audience we offer Sponsored Jobs section. Sponsored Jobs are promptly highlighted across all pages of our website.

Banner and text link placement: We have number of banner and text link placement positions available for advertisements. We can also adjust for any other position depending on the requirement.

Low cost Job advertisement solution to employers and recruitment agencies. provides low cost Job advertisement solution to employers and recruitment agencies. Now, you can have your job listing highlighted on top of every page, ensuring maximum response for a fraction of cost incurred in traditional advertising mediums. For Sponsored Jobs, we guarantee at least 5 CVs per job post.

If you have an ongoing recruitment requirement, we can build a subscription package to give you the right combination of services to ensure you attract the best candidates. A subscription package may include premium job postings, featured jobs, CV search and a range of branding opportunities.

CV database: We have an extensive database of CVs covering industries including IT, Engineering, Medical, Education, Finance and Management. For now we have an in-house CV retrieval system. However, we are working on a web based system which will soon be online for employers / recruiters. We charge small fee on per-CV basis. Please let us know your requirements so that we can further elaborate on this.


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