Final winners of auction for 3G/4G in Pakistan

Posted by | 23/04/2014 | Telecom Articles

Final winners are as following:


Zon3G INALg 10Mhz for 3G and 10Mhz for 4G

Mobilink 10Mhz for 3G

Telenor 5Mhz for 3G

Ufone 5Mhz for 3G


Congratulations to Zong for both 3G and 4G

Any One from Warid here? How Warid Will survive? comment plz. thanks

With these winners, Government of Pakistan generated US 1.182 billion dollars. US 902.82 million from 3G and US 210 million from 4G spectrum.

The day has arrived, 3G / 4G is finally happening in our country.

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has said that it has finalized all the arrangements for the Spectrum Auction for Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) to be held today.

Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong will be taking part in the bid to secure their 3G and 4G licenses.

As you may know that bidding will be done electronically through internet, all the companies will be allowed to log into the bidding system at 8AM, however, first round of bidding will start at 10AM Today.





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